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Monday, December 25, 2006

It's NOT a 'Good Thing'

We're back at the HoZ now. We had gone to our 'fake' Midnight Mass. 'Fake' because it's at 9:00PM. A couple of years ago, our parish voted on when to have midnight Mass. Since we have mostly old folks, midnight is now officially 9:00. We went to Mama Bear's house after Mass, had a late dinner, and stayed the night with her. Since we didn't even have a tree up at our house, and she did, it just made sense to open presents there. Anyway, Mama Bear had worked all day cleaning house and cooking, and didn't have time to make the beds in the guest bedroom where BR and I would be sleeping. She was very apologetic about it, and told her to relax. If somebody else is doing the cooking, the least I could do is make the bed in which I'll be sleeping. I got the sheets out of the dryer, and went in cheerfully to make the bed. Until I went in the guest room, that is. Then I realized why she was so apologetic. The pillows still had their tags on them. Martha Stewart tags. She was going to make me sleep with Martha Stewart!!! And here I've been thinking all these years that Mama Bear really liked me! I ripped those tags off the pillows. Yes, I know I risked the authorities coming in for my daring to take off those tags with all their printed warnings to not remove the tag. Even worse, it would be the Martha Stewart House Perfect Police. But I was not going to sleep with Martha Stewart, lol. And if you've never read "All I Want for Christmas is to Slap Martha Stewart", go here and read it. It's from her pre-prison days, but the message still holds true for today.


Blogger pamibe said...

I've only seen a few of her shows, but when I want to know how to do something her website is one of many I check out... not being the best little homemaker in the world myself, ya know... Heh...

But, everything the letter was saying I ascribed to Oprah. Probably seen a dozen total of her shows, but she does have some attitude. Not all bad... but one show in particular showcased the great divide between the big O and regular people: the bedding show.
An expert said we should change our bedding at least once a week to control dust mites.

O pops up with "I must have clean bedding every other day!"
The expert takes a deep breath and slapped her back down: "Well, not everyone has servants to wash their bedding daily".

I'm sure he's not made another appearance... :D

12/26/2006 06:52:00 AM  
Blogger Mrs_Who said...

Pamibe: lol about Oprah...I greatly admire her because of what she has accomplished, but I agree with you about her attitude.

12/26/2006 09:08:00 AM  
Anonymous Harvey said...

"Since we have mostly old folks, midnight is now officially 9:00."

Well, it's midnight somewhere.

An excuse I paraphrase to justify drinking before 5pm, too :-)

12/26/2006 06:04:00 PM  

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